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An increasingly hostile Internet poses huge challenges for both the private and public sectors. Websites that are essential to service customers have become a primary target for a range of malicious web-based attacks.

The Ponemon Institute’s “2017 State of Cybersecurity in SMB Businesses” reports that:

  • 61% of Small to Medium-sized Businesses (“SMBs”) reported experiencing cyberattacks in the past 12 mos (up from 55%)
  • SMBs spent an average of $1,027,053 because of damage or theft of IT assets plus an additional $1,207,965 due to disruption of normal operations.
  • 52% of respondents reported experiencing a ransomware attack up from 2% reported the prior year.

In 2017, R&B created RIDEN Software Corp ( to focus on developing technology to address the need to protect the web based properties of these SMB businesses. R&B offers immediate cybersecurity solutions to operators of websites built upon the Magento or WordPress frameworks.

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R&B has been hosting and maintaining nearly 100 customer websites for over a decade now and has developed by necessity a suite of software tools and techniques to protect these sites from malicious attackers. Cyberthreats pose a huge challenge today to businesses of all sizes and R&B has developed key expertise and technology in this area.

R&B R&B created a new corporate entity to focus on cybersecurity and productizing technology that R&B had developed for use with the company’s existing clients. RIDEN Software Corporation was spun out of R&B Communications in 2017 to productize and bring to market new solutions for protecting company websites and data assets. Utilizing a “Community Watch” concept, RIDEN creates a network of protected users who pool information on malicious attackers to produce a stronger defense.

Over 60 customer servers were running with RIDEN software in 2018. Continued development work will expand the market footprint for RIDEN in 2019 and beyond. Initial product offerings are focused on protecting websites built on the Magento and WordPress frameworks. Custom offerings that integrate at the corporate firewall (WAF – Web Application Firewall) are also available.

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