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Working with California Charter Schools, R&B understands the challenges these schools face and the critical need for information infrastructure to support state audits and student attendance record-keeping.

Whether it be designing and deploying a Parent Portal, providing technology to document Virtual Meetings between Teachers and Students, or simply building easy to use online web repositories where teachers and administrators can store and retrieve student homework samples, R&B delivers customized and cost-effective solutions.

R&B is a member of the APLUS+ Preferred Partner Program serving non-classroom based Charter Schools in California.

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In 2018 R&B was asked to build a Parent Portal that would be accessible to teachers, parents, and school administrators. The Portal would need to support DocuSign digitally signed attendance rollsheets so that virtual meetings between teachers and students/families could be properly logged for audit compliance purposes.

R&B built a password protected Parent Portal in which all parties could hold “virtual meetings” and view and digitally sign necessary documents, including attendance records and student agreements. This project had many challenges including many compromises needed to move an existing paper system to the web.

The new Parent Portal was deployed in 2019 and it is too soon to assess the efficiencies and results. There will likely be some enhancements incorporated after the first full academic semester of use.

R&B addresses all requirements from concept to sustaining operations...

We have the experience, the desire, and the team to tackle your IT needs – whether they be routine outsourcing or developing something very new and innovative.