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A local manufacturer of precision parts for the aerospace industry had a unique challenge: their customers are continuously updating their order requirements across hundreds of different part numbers. R&B developed custom reporting software that integrated with their ERP system enabling the company to more efficiently track and manage production planning and order fulfillment.

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This client's customers build systems for the aerospace industry that perform critical functions within larger systems. Demand for parts is continuous and adjusted continuously as their customers re-assess the needs and order requirements of their customers. The company was utilizing Excel spreadsheets to track these changes in order requirements across hundreds of different part numbers.

The client contracted with R&B to develop a more automated means for tracking the order changes across all part numbers for specific customers. By pulling certain data directly from their ERP system, the manually generated Excel spreadsheet reports were automated and more immediately available for management review.

The company’s ability to manage order changes and inventory levels has been improved. The project was just recently implemented (2019) and there will be opportunities to further refine the data reporting and integration with the company’s ERP system. Labor efficiency and production planning efficiencies have already been seen.

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