Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District

NSAQMD provides vital information to County residents in Nevada County, CA via a website that details information on air quality, burn days, vapor recovery and others. This client-facing website had not been updated in any significant way for over 10 years when R&B was hired in 2016.

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The NSAQMD website is relied upon heavily by Nevada, Sierra and Plumas County residents for information relative to air quality and when green yard waste can be burned. The website pulls data in real time from numerous locations and must be efficiently performing to fulfill its’ mission to County residents. With no significant upgrades in over a decade, the website was in need of updating to ensure maximum usefulness for its user base.

R&B completely re-designed the NSAQMD website in 2016 including implementing a responsive design methodology so that the increasing number of users accessing the site via mobile devices would have a satisfactory experience. Extra attention to clearly displaying specific information and laying out all pages for clarity of communication was emphasized.

The re-designed website has been very well received! More and more users now access the NSAQMD website via home computers and mobile devices versus the recorded phone information line. Air district staff time addressing issues or updates to the website has been reduced.

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