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JumpCrew based in Nashville, TN acquired AHRN.com in March 2018 and immediately retained R&B to manage the website development, hosting, and maintenance. Many changes were needed for this high traffic website including a seamless transition from a multi-server hardware configuration to a cloud based hosting solution.

AHRN was originally architected and launched by R&B Communications in partnership with Runzheimer International, for the Department of Defense (DOD). You can read about the site's beginnings here.

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JumpCrew acquired AHRN.com in March 2018 and one immediate task was to move a 12 server physical hardware configuration to a cloud-based hosting solution. The task was a challenging one which required dealing with prior hardware failures as well as backing up over 300 GB of data. AHRN.com is a high traffic website with millions of visitors each month and any transition would have to be as seamless as possible.

As the original architects of the AHRN system, R&B was well positioned to re-configure the software running on 12 physical servers to run on 4 servers hosted in the cloud. The software was fully re-configured for the cloud platform and clean data backups were obtained and the transition was successfully implemented with no downtime to the AHRN.com website.

AHRN hosting costs were substantially reduced by re-locating to a cloud hosted provider and the time and effort focused on monitoring and maintaining physical hardware has been removed. The cloud hosted solution affords greater scalability and AHRN can expand bandwidth seamlessly as needed going forward.

R&B addresses all requirements from concept to sustaining operations...

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